Welcome on this site!

My name is Estrella de Vrijer.
I always say that I am a healer and lifecoach but really what I do is make you aware of your patterns and ego structures.
Also I work on an energetic level and do energetic bodywork
You can find more about who I am and how I work on this site.

Don’t hesitate to call me or e-mail me if you have any questions, but only do this when you really want to work on yourself. I am not the go-to person if you want someone to solve your problems or take over your responsabilities.
You are responsable for your own life, your thoughts and emotions. If you do want to grow and work on  yourself, but you can use a mirror and some other perspective, then I am the right person.

Ps: Take a look at www.fincavrij.nl 
There you can find more information about me and what activities are being held in our retreat center Finca Vrij, next to my own workshops and courses

Greetings Estrella