The Big Play

The Big Play

We are here on earth to play a role in a big play called: “The life of… (fill in your name)”
We do this to fully self manifest ourselves. You play the lead actor (actress) in this play and you direct it. Also you have chosen people that could and wanted to fill in the other roles in your part. All the people around you, doesn’t matter if they have been in your life 20 years or 1 month, play a role in your play. Some people play a very big part in your play (for instance your parents, partner, children) others play a smaller role (your colleague, neighbor and so on).
The funny thing is that your lead role in your play “The life of… (fill in your name)” began as a supporting role in your parents play. The first years of your life were directed by your parents. They told you how to behave, what you could eat, when you had to go to bed and filled in your role the way they wished to. Because you have no idea when you are born, what you are here to do and what life looks like, you listen well to their directions about what your role is supposed to be like for the rest of your life.

Slowly your supporting role in your parents play shifts to the lead role in your own life. You discover that some directions you got from your parents are not compatible with how you see your life. You determine what you think is important in your play and you change your role to how you wish it to be.

At the same time you play the lead role in your own life, you play a supporting role in someone else’s play. You might be the friend of, sister of, daughter of or employer of..
While you play the supporting role as for instance a friend of Esther, who plays the lead role in her life, Esther plays the supporting role as a friend in your life where you play the lead role. And it is so funny, because as you may think that you are a friend Esther can really lean and depend on, it could be that in Esther’s play you are friend that is always thinking of yourself first and who is never there for her. Where your father might be the best father in the whole world in your play, he might be a totally absent father in your brother’s life.
Are you starting to see how ingenious this big play of ‘people on earth’ really is?

Next to all these beautiful, unique plays, very personal lives, there is also a masterpiece playing, directed by the Universal Spirit.
The more your personal play is in sync with the Universal Spirit’s play, the more effortless things will be, the more you can go with the flow, the more you can relax and just be.
The less your personal play is in zinc with God’s play, the more effort things will cost, the more resistance you will experience in your life (or as we also call it, the more bad luck you will have), the more you will feel inside yourself that there is more, that something just doesn’t feel right…

Where does it go wrong?

It goes wrong when you start giving your own role too much importance, when you always want to play the lead role and when you expect people around you to play the role you gave them. Sometimes you have to step out of your lead role to serve others and play a supporting role in their play. In other words if it all has to be about you, then things go wrong and you will have a lot of resistance in your life.
It also goes wrong when you don’t give enough meaning to your own role. If you only play supporting roles in other people’s lives, your life will just pass by without you having any influence over it. Life just happens and it is over before you know it, without having the feeling of having lived!
The more you live life from your heart, or in other words, the more you are who you really are, the more you play a role in God’s play, the more you serve others. Without you feeling you have to give up things, without any effort.
If you play a role in the Universal Spirit’s play you don’t matter at all and at the same time you are so essential! Just by being who you are you help God’s master piece being played out.