Healing / Life coaching

In a coaching session I will make contact with your energy. This way I can feel blockages in your energetic and emotional body. In conversation with you I can feel which chakra blocks, or where in your body you block, so to say in which area of your life is influenced by whatever we are talking about.
I can see your false beliefs and programs that cause you to shut down in life. Often I will see the red thread in your life. Also I can see your path in life or what you are ‘supposed’ to do in life and what holds you down from following that path.
I will make clear what you do, (or what you don’t do) what causes you to get stuck in your process, in your body or in your relationship. By clearing this up you have the chance to get into the flow again, to make different choices, to get your own power back
This provides you the chance to return to your ‘original’ energy, to your essence, to who you really are.