Energetic Bodywork

In Energetic Bodywork the sexual energy (Universal life energy) is used to take away blockages that are stopping the natural flow of energy. Experiences in life, traumas, thought patterns and also false ideas you have of yourself, cause these blockages in your life energy channel.
Through energy transmission the channels open, making these blockages become clear and hereby dissolving them.
Because of this, more and more energy can flow through the channel, which causes other blockages to loosen up and get swept away in the stream of energy.
This creates space, space to be yourself.
With the energy flowing freely you can experience bliss and/or an orgasmic feeling. A tremendous calmness emerges (no more stress) because it is hard to stay in the mind. Also you will feel more love. You get closer to your Self, to the essence of who you are.

A client said:
I will try to translate into words what I have experienced in the session with Estrella.
First I felt a stream of energy starting in my body. Soon after my feet were pulled deep into the earth. I felt all sorts of energy starting to flow in my lower body and I could not do anything else but move my body with the shocks and waves of energy. Also emotions came up, like chunks they shot up to my throat. I started to make sounds, also I started crying and yelling.
Part of that energy went into my head. At first that gave me a headache. After a short talk with Estrella I could feel that a painful inner child part had dissolved. I could feel my energy flow very fast and that felt very nice.. it was my own stream that I felt.
After that there was a painful spot at the back of my heart. It dissolved and fell apart. I could feel it was my self hate and self judging I had stored there. Of course there were also emotions that came up, but it was easy to let them go through my throat. Still there were ‘chunks’ throbbing against my scull. When my crown chakra opened everything floated away and there was so much space. It was such a relief! My heartchakra felt open, big and spacious.
The feeling that went through me then was orgasmic, it was very intense, flowing through my whole body.
Now, a couple of weeks after the session, that space stayed. I have been in situations where before I would have immediately judged myself. I was really surprised that the judgement stayed away! Despite my making mistakes I can love myself, accept myself and the judgement is gone. Also I became aware that I myself influence my stream, my flow of energy, the channels are totally open. Even when I am tired, sad or fearful I can still feel my energy flowing and that is so nice. Normally I would close up and then it would be so hard to open up again and feel myself. Now it is just there!
Thank you dear Estrella, for this enormous gift. It is very special what you do and I hope that lots of people can experience this with you.

Another client said:
It started with a feeling of a loving but determined energy that contacted my throat. It tickled and I started to cough and an energetic blockage dissolved. I could feel that it first went from my heart to my throat, but soon I felt my belly started also. Then it felt as if sort of a brush was going through my tube (my tube feels as a passage that is going through my chakras, not my spine and also not in the front but through the middle). Slowly a shock went through my body. First slowly, but then more and more intense. The rager changed into a vacuum that blew everything clean and then into sort of a typhoon that took all blockages with it. Because of this an anger emerged from the depth of my soul. I will never be determined by anyone! I live my life for me. I will not adjust myself anymore. It felt like this primal force I had giving birth to my children. Only now it felt like an energy that woke that primal force in me that was only meant for me. After letting go of everything through my throat by crying, yelling and hitting my fists on the floor I felt a very warm energy coming up that spread a pleasure through my whole body. It felt loving, flowing, healing and ecstatic. It felt like being totally alive!!

Soon there will be more testimonials and more films on this site about the Energetic Bodywork sessions