Burn baby burn

Becoming aware, or Waking Up is enormously freeing.
Wow.. I am not my emotions, I am not my thoughts, I am everything.. , I a nothing…, I am love..
Like Plato said: “I am not the movie of my life, but the screen unto which the movie is projected.”
What a freedom, what a relief!! Life becomes a party.
Wow.. I am just here to be Me!!

But awaking can also be very painful. Becoming aware how you have always projected your emotions unto others and the pain that caused is not easy to feel.
It hurts. A lot!
Becoming aware of all the times you ignored yourself and crossed your own healthy boundaries, just out of fear of losing the other, hurts.
Becoming aware what you do to get approval and appreciation and feeling how just far you have lost yourself in the process, hurts.

Becoming aware, that all the thoughts you had of yourself and of life, are not true, will put your world up-side-down. All the anchors gone.
How do you deal with that pain? With that fear? With that insecurity? How do you cope?

The way you don’t deal with it, is probably the way you have used until now.
Ignoring it, walking away from it, keeping yourself busy, fleeing in doing, eating, drinking, smoking, buying or self-medicating.
The way you do deal with it is by feeling it, by letting it be what it is, by conducting it. Let the pain burn a hole in your, feel it. Feel the rawness of life.
Cry, scream, laugh, get crazy, stamp your feet..
Just as long as nothing is left.
Be kind with yourself during this process, be patient with yourself and give yourself time.
This way everybit of unconscious becomes conscious, every bit that is still sleeping, wakes up.
Until you feel alive in every cell of your being!!

Are you AWAKE??
Are you ALIVE??