About Estrella

My name is Estrella de Vrijer.

Already from a young age I was interested why things and people are the way they are. As a small child I would ask questions like “what’s that? and who made up that it is called that? But also things like “You say that is red, but maybe I see orange, how can we be sure we are talking about the same thing? made apparant that I did not just assume things, and that I was already at a young age interested in the life rules we make up as humans.
My search for the truth started really early, even if it was still at an unconscious level at that time. 
But also with me programming and education worked and I started to take things I was being told as truth, which resulted in me not liking myself much. I thought I was a bother, not pretty enough, not kind enough and so on and so forth.. 
Luckily for me I woke up again, even though that took its time.
Now I see that almost all things and people are not what we think they are and that nothing is what it seems. That usually the exact opposite is true. That I shouldn’t take my thoughts too seriously and that the programming from our youth is deeply rooted in every person. Programming and assumptions that make sure we are not our ‘true’ selves, but that most people are hidden behind all layers of behaviours and surviving mechanisms.
This wisdom came back to me after many revelations and experiences of oneness that showed me we are nothing but energy. That everything is energy that vibrates at different frequences. That we are everything and nothing at the same time. And that everything is perfect just the way it is. That the only thing that makes life hard is our own resistance and reactions to life itself. And that life can be very simple when you chose to go with the flow, instead of swimming against the current. 








 When my children were small all three of them turned out to be allergic to all kinds of food. My eldest seemed to change when eating something “wrong”. From a sweet, quiet boy he became very aggressive, he got a ‘strange’ look in his eyes and he was no longer approachable.
My daughter became very hyperactive and was covered in excema, she often had belly aches.

When I was pregnant with my third child I thought I knew so much by then that this would not happen again. During my pregnancy I already was on a very strict diet and for the first half year I only breastfed him, but he even became allergic to the breastmilk.
When he was two years old he had to be hospitalized for the first time with a very heavy asthma attack. When this happened again and again, I got the telephone number of a therapist that did applied kinesiology. From the first session with her, my son did not have to go into hospital again and he has been free of asthma for years now.

That awoke my interest. What if I learned this myself, this way I could test my own children for allergies (because that kept changing). I started doing a Touch for Health course and from that moment on I got so interested that I took all kinds of courses at wharp speed.

When I started my practice I was still working as a teacher. My practice became so busy that to my regret I had to stop teaching. But I had to make a choice and working in my practice won.
After working in my practice for a couple of years I had a dream where I could see the space opposite my practice. I was teaching, the room was with a lot of green. When I woke up I thought “but what should I teach?”, but in the next months I started to clean up and paint the room anyway.
The first course I gave was the course awareness, where I taught people everything I had learned myself about energy, who we are and what life is all about. After that I have given courses in intuitive development, healings, I did walk-in-meditationnights and more.

One moment in time I was doing a meditation and I heard loud and clear that I should do something with kundalini energy. The first thing I did when I got home was look up what that was!
I read the book “The children of the law of one and the lost teachings of Atlantis’ and I was deeply touched. I started the lessons on which the book are based. After a couple of weekends my kundalini energy spontaneously woke up. I was dancing and suddenly I felt a lot of energy, like hoola hoops go around me and through me. Totally amazed by what was happening I observed and felt this happening when all of a sudden a hot energy went up my spine and an orgasmic feeling of ecstasy came over me.
When I read this book the first time there was one chapter that I understood literally, but couldn’t grasp. It was the chapter about male and female energy.

Only in the second year of the teachings this chapter began to descend and later this chapter about male and female energy became totally clear. When I could integrate this into myself and I changed back into living from my female energy a lot changed in my life and in my relationship. Because I went back into living from my female energy, my husband went back into living from his male energy. Looking around me it became clear to me that most women live life from their male energy and men from their female energy (or they are ‘absent’ men). Also it became clear that many women block their sexual energy or experience their sexuality from their male energy.
I started giving courses to women to help them let their female energy and their sexual energy flow again. During these courses I witnessed how easily the male and female balance was restored in themselves.
By feeling and experiencing it in yourself the difference between being in your female or male energy is so clear and so easy to switch between the both. Because of that it becomes a choice. Jjust like you need your thinking as well as your feeling, you also need your male as well as your female energy.

With these women I could see the same obstacle as in my own relationship when I decided to live from my female energy; how do I tell my partner, how do I explain, how can he change patterns between us (if that is what he wants)?
My partner and I already went through this (and are still going through this) and we found some very clear keys in this process. Therefore we now give courses to couples.

At this moment I am writing a book about everything I teach in these courses “Keys to a deep, loving and sexual relationship, also with yourself”  with clear examples and exercises.
For me this is the next chapter in my book.